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Welcome to SAKURA

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SAKURA is a Japanese Tea Shop and Cafeteria located in MOTOMACHI, Yokohama Japan.

We serve more than 20 different Japanese tea leaves delivered from contractual farms all over Japan, grown chemical free or with very low chemicals.

Our cafeteria, simple and modern-styled interior full with natural sunlight, is designed to relax and enjoy the real taste of genuine Japanese tea.

Stop by, and you will surely be attracted with the fascination of real Japanese tea.


元町の表通りから、ほんの少し坂を登ると静かな元町公園があります。 その坂の途中に日本茶専門店「茶倉」があります。


ふんわりと甘く香る、淹れたてのお茶を、茶倉で楽しんでみませんか? 知っているようで、知らなかった日本茶の魅力がきっとみつかりますよ!

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